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Nano Ceramic Coating

  • 01 - Preparation

  • 02 - Protection

  • 03 - Maintenance

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All Videos

PHASE 01 - Involves in washing your vehicle several times to rid of natural and industrial ambient contaminants that adhere to your cars body paint and windshields.  Several solutions and solvents are used to decontaminate and be free of any foreign matter.  Water spot removal is done at this time on body paint and windows.  Next utilizing a clay bar and lubricant  frees up any left over matter that is adhered again to body and windows. To finaliza this phase the technician performs a High Gloss Polish as a base for the Ceramic Coating. 

PHASE 02 - This is the process where the protection of the base (First Phase) is applied.  The body paint and glass; both receive a Ceramic Coating. The final step is to apply a Sealant to protect and ensure a long lasting shine.

PHASE 03 - This is the periodical step of washing, doing paint re-juvenation and add additional sealants and jeweling.

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